Today’s personal data processing and storing industry is fragmented and badly structured. There are no unified standards and only a scarce choice of reliable technologies available which leads to companies repeatedly losing masses of their own and their clients’ data. Same problems affect clients: large variety of standards, forms and procedures results in enormous time losses in offline offices while filling questionnaires and waiting in queues. WDIA brings together the best minds in the sector to discuss and properly address these issues.

Keynotes and Agenda

17:00-17:00 Welcome reception.

17:30-17:45 New corporate battlefield. Why companies compete hard for personal data?
Personal data and customer behaviour records are of great importance to marketing, client acquisition tools, planning and business valuation. That is why companies ask clients to fill multiple forms and questionnaires and provide all sorts of IDs one can imagine. Personal data is today’s corporate combat area.

17:45-18:00 One entry point for KYC identifications: is that possible and how we achieve this.
Think about a unified one-click mechanism that allows you to be identified by each and every KYC-demanding service provider or other counterparty. The tool that stores your digital identity and summarizes all your background checks, from AML to social scoring, and enables you to open data selectively via a fast and easy interface.

18:00-18:15 Eliminating bottlenecks and obstacles preventing cross-sectoral collaborations on KYC.
Corporations spend millions of dollars to check on their borrowers, suppliers, contructors, employees and clients. Positive experience could be shared with their corporate mates starting collaborations between different sectors with e.g. Booking opening its lists to AirBnB, or Emirates coordinating activity with international car sharing businesses to implement one KYC procedure through all services. This would mean broader connections, new business and higher profits for everyone.

18:15-18:30 Automation and modern real user experience: one click solutions that save user’s time and efforts.
Currently, clients are wasting enormous amounts of time being torn over and over again between questionnaires, paper forms, blanks, individual registrations, confirmations and step-by-step account validation. To a large degree KYC and personal data storage remains as it was 100 and even 200 years ago, an outdated paper conveyor. Meanwhile, top-notch technologies allow for a wide range of automated check and verification procedures, from text scanning, face and voice recognition to more complicated behavioural and sociometric instruments.

18:30-18:45 A distributed ledger based Multipass technology and its implications.
Of all existing technologies, blockchain represents the best balance of trust, transparency, reliability and decentralization. Multipass solution is based on the distributed ledger technology and employs all the best features of this solution.
It’s key features are simplicity, convenient user interface, universal applicability and potentially unlimited scaling. Multipass helps everyone keep only one KYC/ID set and use it whenever and wherever necessary.

18:45-19:00 Consolidating private and public sector efforts in data storage systems and protocols.
Government actors are the most obvious beneficiaries of the integrated KYC/AML and personal identification solutions. Tracking both whitelists and blacklists will be in the best interest of every national watchdog, and having this information shared enhances the regulators’ view.

19:00-19:15 WDIA mission: where are we headed?
WDIA aims to create a new layer of human digital freedom by helping to introduce simple, clear and fast blockchain based digital identity solutions. The Association unites a long list of both private sector players most being respective industry majors, and public sector actors. Those whales have joined their forces to achieve visible progress in streamlining the sector and eliminating gaps and obstacles on the way for its development targeting mutual benefit.

19:15-19:45 - Q&A.

19:45-21:00 - Networking.

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