Industries – WDIA

Rue du Pré de la Bichette 1,
Geneva, CH 1202, Switzerland
+41 225 0 87 8 87

Rue du Pré­de­ la­ Bichette 1,
Geneva, CH­1202, Switzerland
+41 225 0 87 8 87

Financial Authorities Regulators State Internal Affairs Deprt’s Police Dept’s ID Issuers
Financial Banking Blockchain Associations
Fintech Companies Banks Money Transfer Services Electronic Money Issuers
Insurance Microfinance Payday Loans Credit Unions
KYC AML Service Providers Identity Checking Service Providers
Digital Identity Digital Signature Software Developers and Service Providers
Notary Chambers Solicitor Bar Associations Lawyers
Software Developers (AI, Bigdata, Blockchain, Security, Identity) Research Companies Technology and Patent Holders
Hotels Hospitality Industry
Transport Companies: Aviation, Railway, Water Trans-port, Bus/-Car-Rental
Crowdfunding Platforms/Websites
Public Events Organizers
Remote Service’s Providers
Retail Wholesale
& Other companies working with all types of ID/KYC/AML data including to verify the sources of funds.