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Rue du Pré de la Bichette 1,
Geneva, CH 1202, Switzerland
+41 225 0 87 8 87

Rue du Pré­de­ la­ Bichette 1,
Geneva, CH­1202, Switzerland
+41 225 0 87 8 87

What we do

Who We Are

The Worldwide Digital Identification Association is a non-profit organization with its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. The Association is formed by well-recognized institutions that include tech, financial and banking, FMCG, legal and infrastructure companies, and regulatory bodies.

Our Mission

The WDIA aims to create a new layer of human digital freedom. Our mission is to bring together all stakeholders, from companies to government agencies, from developers to end-users and retail channels so that proper standards and the best available solutions are picked and implemented.


Time is every person’s most valuable resource. Remote service helps clients to work and travel limitlessly avoiding the queues and boring paper forms. Distant identification is a digital era must-have. For companies this means joining their forces in processing client data, having fully reliable information, avoiding misleading and blurry whitelists and blacklists, passing data management to a safe blockchain based mechanism.

Supply chain standards save time and money by reducing administration and slashing paperwork.

Our members


Personal data and customer behaviour records are of great importance to marketing, client acquisition tools, planning and business valuation. Corporations spend millions of dollars to check on their borrowers, suppliers, constructors, employees and clients. Positive experience could be shared with their corporate mates starting collaborations between different sectors. Our Association is joined by multiple private moguls who, in most cases, are respective industries’ majors. We unite all types of businesses in all key retail oriented sectors whether it is a bank, an insurance company or an airline.


Government actors are the most obvious beneficiaries of the integrated KYC/AML and personal identification solutions. Tracking both whitelist and blacklist will be in the best interest of every national watchdog, and having this information shared enhances the regulators’ supervisory capacities. The WDIA is a meeting point for many government agencies, regulators and legislative bodies acting in favour of their nation’s digital wealth and safety.

Business & Government
Our Association is joined by multiple private moguls who, in most cases, are respective industries’ majors.
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