Our Mission

The WDIA aims to create a new layer of human digital freedom. Our mission is to bring together all stakeholders, from companies to government agencies, from developers to end-users and retail channels so that proper standards and the best available solutions are picked and implemented.

We intend to establish policies and standards that will bring transparency to the sector and help exchange the knowledge about the most up-to-date technologies and solutions available to companies from all sectors that are engaged in personal data storage, client verification and identification.

Rules and Principles
Important standards
Important standards we intend to put an emphasis on are security in storage and transmission of personal data and in all information exchange through the KYC process. Another area to address is transparency in the digital space and in interaction between the Association members and counterparties. This must include protocols to internally check comparability of data, its consistency and completeness.
We also believe
it is important to establish and maintain a list of trusted parties within the Association and in the KYC/AML industry globally. Same goes for bad actors that need to be detected and blacklisted to avoid risks and negative effects for both the Association and its members, and for the sector as a whole.
The WDIA will be
actively involved in developing legislation proposals on all key markets and in all key regions to support the establishment of proper and unified approaches in laws and regulations. Finally, a detailed research on existing and new technologies will be conducted on an ongoing basis to identify, pick and support the best and the most promising advanced developments.