We Value People Over Papers

Human life and its quality is our number one priority. Most of us have already spent thousands of hours filling visa questionnaires, house bills, registration forms and questionnaires from every retail operator possible. Same is true for every corporation. They are doing billions of individual checks and double checks on the same person, making requests for credit history and AML clearances over and over again.

Time is the most valuable resource for every one of us. That’s why we intend to free up a significant part of this resource by eliminating double and triple ID verification and checks.

Digital ID: The Future Is Now
Distant identification is a digital era must-have. For companies this means joining their forces in processing client data, having fully reliable information, avoiding misleading and blurry whitelists and blacklists, passing data management to a safe blockchain based mechanism.
Today, ID and KYC/AML procedures are still pretty archaic. There are many manual operations, tons of paper forms stored, and next to no data exchange between players in any industry, not to mention cross-sectoral cooperation. All this can be replaced by a single unified ID applicable for every organization and giving you a chance to log in in one click and be verified within seconds.
We believe

These days we witness multiple efforts to build a widely accepted KYC/AML solution.

We believe that modern society is in desperate need of a trustworthy and reliable digital space where individuals and corporations could act safely and have access to a full set of top-notch services and technologies.

We are focused on
Combining all existing expertise and allowing for a professional discussion over those
Establishing the standards for data flow, storage and processing
Building a reliable distributed ledger/blockchain based technological layer
Mediating on a cross-country level to achieve standards harmonization
Picking and nursing the best new technologies and supporting talent search
The Multipass Technology

The Multipass technology creates a new level of digital freedom — now it is the user who chooses which data to share with companies.

Multipass is a password protected and encrypted archive with personal data. It is based on the most up-to-date cryptographic achievements, and helps properly store and manage personal data. The unique technology it employs generates data in web browser and doesn’t send it to the server. The archive is automatically downloaded to your device, from that moment all data is stored at by the user and remain protected by individual hashes that can be unlocked with password only. After that, the user picks a verification agent and provides his/her Multipass. Once KYC is completed, you can use Multipass with any service you want with no repeated filling of forms and questionnaires. You can save time for really important things.

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